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How to Find Easy Keywords for Your Site using Alexa

Improve your results from search by choosing keywords your site has the best chance of ranking for. Learn how to find easy keywords that will help you drive more organic traffic and boost your authority in search.

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Why is it smart to find easy keywords?

Not all sites have the same chance of ranking on page one of search results. To be competitive, it’s important to focus on terms your site has the best chance of ranking for. Finding easy, low competition keywords can help you save time, build your authority, and improve your results. With this smart, easy-to-rank keyword strategy, you’ll optimize the time you spend creating content and maximize the results gained from it in search.

How do I find easy keywords for my site?

Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty tool helps you find easy keywords by assigning a Competitive Power score to your site — the maximum keyword competition your site is likely to rank for. This helps you prioritize the keyword opportunities your site should perform best for, so you get the most out of your keyword research and content strategy. Watch the video above to learn how to find easy to rank keywords for your site.

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